Former ex-wife says Johnny is not a man who hurts flesh

The audience knows that Prince Johnny had married a lot of his wife Amber Heard before marrying his ex-wife Amber Heard. Johnny Deid is facing trial for beating his ex-wife, Ahmed. Johnny Deid, whose ex-wife, Vanessa Paradis, has announced that he will be arraigned in court. The announcement was made publicly.

Van Nasser, who has been working with John Nedd for 14 years and has two children, said Mubarak’s allegations were false. Not only that! He also said he was willing to come to court and testify. “I have known Jonny Dede for over 25 years. We have been together for 14 years and have raised two children together. In the years I have known him, he has been kind and kind. Responsibility: Generous A man who does not hurt; It’s a father, ”said Van Nessa.

Van Nassar can also prove that his friends can be related to the behavior of Johnny Deed. They loved him and respected him. “He doesn’t need to be arrogant and respectful of everyone. He is one of the best actors we have ever seen. ”

“I know now that Hasberde has accused Johnny Depp for more than four years. John Nidde, whom I had known for years, was not like that. As far as I know, he has never beaten me, ”Van Nassa said of his former lover.

John Noddard, another former officer of John Nedda, said: “What a cruel man is is far from what I know of Johnny.”

Johnny Deed has been charged since 2016 for assaulting his ex-wife, Ahmed. Johnny Deed denied the allegations and is currently in court.