Harry, who asked not to be named Harry, but Harry

It’s been a month since Prince Harry and his wife, Megan Macquar, have announced their departure from the British royal family. They moved to Canada and quickly became civilized. According to a report, last week, Harry found himself smiling while shopping at a store last week.

Harry’s style also changed with the departure of the royal family and the enjoyment of freedom. In the past, Harry was dressed like a royal clan and now he is wearing lightweight clothing. Tuesday evening, Jeans and Jeans Baseball caps; Wearing black jerseys, Harry arrives at Scotland’s Waverly Station. It was amazing to see Harry carry his suitcase like a civilian. Harry came to the UK to finally take on the royal race.

At one of the meetings, Harry asked the presenter not to be called a prince, but to call him Harry. The presenter also told the crowd to do the same. Harry had a lot of work to do in his hometown. He first gave a speech at the summit for Travalyst, followed by a recording with Jon Bon Jovi. When Harry arrived in the UK, Miguel McKay had his own affairs in London.

Harry and Miguel have been pondering for months to decide on the royal family’s departure. The decision was announced after a six-week trip to Canada. By the end of the three months, Miguel and Harry will be leaving the British royal family permanently.