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Mytel provides telecommunications and internet services to support healthcare

The best operator, Mytel, protects the global epidemic Covid 19; Control As part of the Fight Covid 19 campaign, which aims to provide one-way support for the health care industry, Relevant health facilities and quarantine facilities in various townships will be staffed by doctors, nurses and doctors working to prevent and control Covid 19 disease. Telecommunication and Internet services will be provided to all health workers and patients, including nurses. In honor of the dedicated health workers at the forefront, Mytel will do everything in its power to eradicate the epidemic.

Mytel has hospitals and clinics. Related health facilities and quarantine facilities in various townships Water-based hand sanitizers; Doctors and nurses on duty, along with other essential health aids. Provides 5 GB of data and 200 minutes of free Mytel-to-Mytel calls for all nurses and other healthcare professionals. The program will run nationwide, with the aim of keeping Mytel in touch with its citizens and helping health workers do their best to fight this global epidemic.