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Youtube Rewind 2019 video received 6.7 million dislikes in 4 days

Social media users are looking forward to watching the annual YouTube Rewind video posted on YouTube. This year, however, the video has not been as satisfying as waiting for social media users. Youtube released this year’s YouTube Rewind video titled “For the Record” on December 5th.

This year’s video was not expected to be as bad as last year’s, but YouTube Rewind 2019 became the third most unpopular YouTube video within four days of its release. The video has 6.7 million “Dislike” followers.

Launched in 2010, YouTube Rewind is one of the most popular videos of the year. Events Memes This is a series of music videos. In 2012, YouTubers, The most popular song. Video Converted to Rewind video format with internet memes. Although the video format received positive feedback, viewership was limited due to the lack of YouTube creators in the video.