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Samsung’s Galaxy S10 has a major flaw in fingerprint security

Samsung has announced that it will soon release software that fixes a flaw after a user encounters a fingerprint security flaw in the Samsung Galaxy S10 smartphone. Lisa Neilson 7) ဝယ် ဝယ် ဝယ် eb က ဝယ် ဝယ် Galaxy

Lisa did not use her left index finger for security, but when she learned that it could be turned on with her fingerprint, she experimented with her husband’s fingerprints. They also noticed that the same lens was used when a relative tried the same lens on a relative’s Galaxy S10 smartphone and found that it was a significant security issue.

The fingerprint scanner mounted on the screen of the phone detects whether the fingerprint is authentic or not, and the security imaging sensor sends out a high-speed image sensor. The Samsung Galaxy S10’s fingerprint security system has been updated with advanced technology, and Samsung has even been rumored to be introducing a new generation of fingerprint security.