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Facebook Font Converters to support the transition to Myanmar Unicode

Yangon, Myanmar, 2019 September 27: Facebook and Messenger announced today that font converters have been added to support the transition to the Myanmar Unicode standard. Facebook recognizes that it will take some time for the transition from Zawgyi to Unicode in Myanmar to continue to include Facabook’s Zawgyi-to-Unicode converter feature for public convenience. Therefore, their friends, Even if you and your family have not yet converted to Unicode, you can still use Unicode-enabled posts and comments. You will be able to read messages and comments.

Currently, Myanmar is the only country in the world that does not have a uniform online Unicode standard, the international language standard used on machines. Zawgyi’s Burmese script is the most widely used machine language in Myanmar when it comes to using the standard system. The lack of uniform application of an international standard has led to many technical difficulties for mobile application and service providers in Myanmar.