Bolton Prince, who was horrified by the Uber driver

Bollywood star Sonam Kapoor has been alerted to Uber users in London following an experience of panic over an Uber car. It was surprising to hear how the Uber users were warned. Her daughter, Simeon, experienced the Uber driver’s agonizing screams throughout the trip. Tag was taken to Uber from the 12.8 million Twitter account with follower accounts. From there, I responded only to automated messages.

“I was finally shocked by it. Attempt to blame the Uber app. Just got a lot of auto-reply letters. You need to upgrade your system. Disbanded. There is nothing you can do. The best and safest way is to use public cars in the region. ” A spokeswoman for Uber in Canada did not respond. Sonam had a similar experience with Uber the week after he lost two luggage this month for criticizing British airlines.

The Uber app, called the Great Taxi, has received criticism around the world for its passenger safety record.